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Kalkun 0.8.0-beta-1

A new version of Kalkun with support for PHP >= 5.6, >=7, >=8 is available.

Find it at: https://github.com/kalkun-sms/Kalkun/releases/latest

Release notes at: https://github.com/kalkun-sms/Kalkun/wiki/Release-notes

Changelog at: https://github.com/kalkun-sms/Kalkun/wiki/Changelog

Опубликовал Michal Čihař 28 марта 2022 г.

SMS Gateway 1.2

The SMS Gateway is a Python3 based software solution to send SMS with HTTPs REST calls (web interface) using commodity hardware.

It is scalable in number of modems, routes SMS by targetnumber and runs on a single host as well as in a geographically distributed environment. For more information, documentation and help see the smsgateway wiki!

Опубликовал Michal Čihař 2 октября 2015 г.

ussd-gui 1.1.1

New release of ussd-gui, a Qt based GUI front end to gammu that only handles ussd codes.

This new version adds an ability to read text messages.

Currently supported features are:

  1. Sending USSD codes.
  2. Reading SMS messages from devices.

Download from https://github.com/mhogomchungu/ussd-gui.

Опубликовал Michal Čihař 1 октября 2015 г.

Kalkun 0.7

Kalkun 0.7 codename Yogyakarta was just released.

Full changelog:

Опубликовал Michal Čihař 3 января 2013 г.

Kalkun 0.6

Kalkun 0.6 codename Wakatobi was just released.

Full changelog:

Опубликовал Michal Čihař 30 июля 2012 г.